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  • Protruded eye surgery can be done in only about an hour!
  • Dr. Peter Kim | 2018-10-24 18:20 Hit : 144

Protruded eye(Exophthalmos), or protrusion of eyeballs, surgery can be done in only about an hour!

Checking information on protruded eye surgery which most patients wonder.


Having an operation coming, or interested in the surgery, many people usually want to know the data about recovery period, etc.


On this post, we will let you know the answer concisely about the question that patients with protruded eye(eye prominence) surgery ask most.


First, many patients wonder if they need to enter a hospital. Unless it is a very special case, you are able to be discharged on the day when the operation is done.


It is possible for you to return to your normal life in about a week on average after the operation.


Although the operation for protruded eye is very complicated, Dr. Peter from EFIL Plastic Surgery, who has experienced doing this operation for 10 years, can make the surgery done very quickly and accurately. 


It takes only between 30 mins and an hour to get the operation done. This is one of the frequent questions that patients ask a lot about how long it takes the surgical operation.


Following the operation, there are people who are concerned about the possibility of the scar around the eyes.


However, you dont need to worry about that a lot. Appearance on the exterior is just fine because we do the operation by incising the conjunctiva inside eyes


On this post, we looked through the hospitalization, the operation time, the scar, etc.


We will have the remaining frequent questions such as a way of the operation that patients usually wonder next time.